Common data on terrain, climate and water

Better integrated data on terrain, climate and water to secure the multiple investments in climate adaptation.

Water is an important factor of Danish society. Denmark is one of the few places in the world where the population has access to clean groundwater. Denmark has a strong private water sector (pumps, water planning etc.) with an annual export of 15 billion DKK. There are important synergy potentials to explore across the utility sectors, for example, the use of wastewater for heat and energy production.

However, water poses increasing challenges. Extreme rain and flood occur more often and rising groundwater is expected to cause serious problems at various locations in the country. The Danish Assurance Association has assessed a payout of 10 billion DKK in damages compensation due to cloudburst events over the past 10 years. Furthermore, public expenditure is expected to cost about 40 billion DKK over the next 15-20 years for climate adaptation efforts. Safeguarding cities requires infrastructural modifications to build climate-resilient societies.

Integrated knowledge about where to act and with what kind of instruments is necessary to ensure that investments are made on the best possible basis. . Data on terrain, water and climate will contribute knowledge to ensure that investments are well-planned, and deliver multiple benefits for society.