Energy Proposal and Agreement

In June 2018, the Danish government signed an energy agreement with the unanimous support of all parties in the Danish parliament.

The Energy Agreement

The parties have allocated funding that sets a course towards a share of renewable energy of  approximately 55% by 2030. The agreement will also give Denmark a share of renewable energy in electricity above 100% of consumption, while ensuring that at least 90% of district heating consumption is based on energy sources other than coal, oil or gas by 2030.

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Fact sheets on key initiatives

The Government's Energy Proposal

  • Establishes a roadmap for achieving the government’s goal of at least 50% renewable energy in 2030.
  • Concrete initiatives amounting to approximately DKK 15 billion, which include expanding of renewable energy for a total of DKK 4.2 billion.
  • Immediate easing of taxes on electricity and taxes on electricity for heating purposes for more than DKK 3.5 billion in 2025.
  • An additional DKK 500 million annually to a renewable energy reserve from 2025.
  • Charts a new course towards a market based energy system, laying the groundwork for a future where sustainable energy can be established without subsidies.
  • Promotes a better climate and helps to meet Denmark’s climate obligations in non-ETS sectors with a 1.1-1.5 million tonne reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Accelerates the phase-out of coal through a modernisation of the heating sector.

The Energy Proposal: "Energy for a green Denmark"

"Denmark: energy and climate pioneer" - Status of the green transition