Security of supply

In Denmark, we take it for granted that there is light in our lamps every time we switch them on. It is important that we can count on electricity supply to ensure the optimum functionality of the society. Consequently, there is an ongoing work in Denmark to ensure the high level of security of supply.

In Denmark citizens benefit from stable energy supplies. It is important that we can count on secure electricity supply to ensure optimal benefits are delivered to society. There is ongoing work by the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate to ensure a high level of energy security for Denmark.

A stable and safe energy supply is critical to support the optimal functioning of modern society. Many of these aspects require renovation and continuous updates to support citizen’s daily lives.

The security of electricity supply in Denmark is a high priority and innovative practices have raised the profile of Denmark as an energy leader at the global level. In particular, network cables are buried underground, which makes the system more resilient to storms, contributing to climate change adaptation. 

The large amounts of sustainable energy produced have further strengthened the security of electricity supply in Denmark.

What does security of supply mean?

Security of electricity supply is defined as the likelihood of electricity being available when consumers require it. Today security of supply in Denmark is estimated at than 99.99 %. This corresponds to an average consumer being without electricity for about 40 minutes total a year.

Energinet holds general responsibility for ensuring security of electricity supply 

Security of electricity supply is ensured through a combination of means, including central and decentralized electricity-producing plants in Denmark, wind power, solar cells, and the electrical power grid. The electricity system is also supported by connections and production capacity abroad.

Energinet is responsible for electricity supply security and works to ensure sufficient production capacity, technical quality and balance, for a coherent electricity supply system.

The integration of large amounts of renewable energy can pose a challenge to electricity supply security, due to production fluctuations. Based on analysis, most interruptions of electricity supply are attributed to issues with the local electrical power grid. A shortage of production capacity has never affected the availability and access of supply for consumers.

Focus has shifted over the years from security of cable networks focus on security of to ensuring reliable electricity supply during conversion of the energy system.

Energinet publishes a statement on electricity supply security annually. In addition, several analyses have been made concerning electricity supply security.

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