North Seas Energy Cooperation #WindisHere

The North Seas Energy Cooperation consists of 10 countries with shared interests in the North Sea. Besides Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the European Commission are also members. The cooperation started in the summer of 2016 and will provisionally be active until the summer of 2019. Extending the cooperation is a priority for the Danish Presidency.

Denmark holds the Presidency from July 2018 to July 2019.

The aim of the cooperation is to facilitate the cost-effective deployment of offshore renewable energy, in particular wind, and promoting interconnection between the countries in the region. The cooperation will make this possible by:

  • Standardizing and harmonizing rules and demands for offshore wind turbines
  • Coordinating the timing for tenders and develop a best practice for the design of tenders
  • Promoting economies of scale
  • Sharing the newest knowledge on how offshore wind can be established in the most cost-effective way

The potential of the North Seas Energy Cooperation

The North Seas region has great potential for offshore wind generation, and linking these countries via energy infrastructure will create jobs and economic growth throughout the region. The European Commission has estimated that offshore wind from the North Seas can cover up to 12 percent of the electric power consumption in the EU by 2030. This is why the North Seas is called the ‘Silicon Valley’ for offshore wind and potentially can be a provider of energy for all of Europe.

The cost of offshore wind energy has decreased as the technologies used to generate it have matured. This puts countries investing in offshore wind energy in an ideal position for creating growth and jobs. The North Seas Energy Cooperation has the potential to provide consumers with sustainable, secure and affordable energy.

With the North Seas Energy Cooperation, a harmonization of rules and demands can lead to a reduction in production costs since companies no longer have to adapt to individual needs from every single country, but will be able to produce from one common standard. This can furthermore reduce the price for offshore wind turbines for the good of both consumers and companies.

Priorities for the Danish Presidency

From 2018 to 2019, the Danish Presidency will prioritize the following:

  • Maintaining the positive participation of stakeholders
    For the offshore wind industry to get more competitive and ideally manage without support schemes, it is important that the cooperation works on areas which the industry believes can contribute to a reduction in costs
  • Making differentiated integration possible
    Countries who wish to cooperate deeper and wider on some areas should be able to do so without a ratification from every single member of the cooperation
  • Extending the cooperation
    The Danish Presidency wishes to initialize the process of extending the cooperation as soon as possible, so that the cooperation can continue delivering good results on the identified issues

Ministerial meeting in Esbjerg 20 June 2019

The Danish Presidency will host a ministerial meeting in Denmark’s energy capitol, Esbjerg. Esbjerg is known as the world’s largest installation port for off shore wind, and has for many years had a large industry working on bringing wind energy and energy production out to sea. The North Sea is an important focus area, and many off shore wind projects in the North Sea are already established from Esbjerg Harbor.

Hosting the ministerial meeting in Esbjerg allows for the ministers of energy from the 10 member countries to see off shore wind farms with their own eyes and experience some of the daily challenges of the four support groups. As a part of this, the ministers will get the chance to visit the off shore wind farm Horns Rev 2.

North Seas Energy Days, an event for high level persons from the off shore wind industry, will run parallel with the ministerial meeting.

You can read more about the North Seas Energy Days here: