Mobile and broadband coverage

The Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate endeavours to ensure good mobile and broadband coverage in Denmark. Access to an updated digital infrastructure is a prerequisite for growth in our many local communities.

Mobile coverage in general, the mobile coverage in Denmark is good. There are, however, still regions that need improvement as to mobile coverage. It is a priority to the government to have a better mobile and broadband coverage in the parts of the country, where the coverage is bad today.

In June 2016, the government and the conciliation telecommunication group agreed on the regions, where an improved mobile coverage in Denmark should be ensured.

A total of 2185 households, companies and holiday homes will have access to a mobile broadband connection with a downloading speed of at least 30 Mbit/second, an uploading speed of at least 3 Mbit/second and speaking coverage. The coverage requirement must be met no later than by December 2019. The government will also make coverage requirements about coming frequency auctions.


Broadband coverage

Denmark is already now at the top in the EU when it comes to distribution of broadband in general. The Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate is striving to further increase the broadband in Denmark.

84 % of all housings and companies have access to at least 100 Mbit/s download. 95 % of all housings and companies have access to broadband with 10 Mbit/s download and 1 Mbit/s upload (10/1 Mbit/s).

At the website you can find, down to details of address, the available speeds and the telecommunication provider that will be ale to deliver the broadband link. The website also offers an instrument to measure the speed of your present broadband link.


The broadband pool

The broadband pool makes it possible to apply for financial support for local broadband projects, where the actual coverage is bad and where there is no indication of getting a better coverage within a few years.

The pool is targeted continuous areas of housing, companies and/or holiday homes without an access to a maximum of 10 Mbit/s download and 2 Mbit upload. To apply for grants, it is a prerequisite that each address, for which grants have been applied for, provides a self-financing of a minimum of DKK 2000.

Application for the broadband pool at the Danish Energy Agency