Regulation of competition and consumer conditions

The Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate takes part in ensuring well-functioning and efficient competition in the field of telecommunications for consumers to continuously benefit from low prices on mobile telephones and broadband.

Well-functioning competition in the field of telecommunications

The field of mobile telephones and the fixed-line broadband market is characterised by well-functioning competition, to the benefit of consumers.

A complete liberalisation of the telecommunication infrastructure and associated telecommunication services was implemented on 1 July 1996. A revision of the telecommunication sector was defined in 1999 with requirements that development of the digital infrastructure be based on principles of technology neutrality and market regulations.

The liberalisation was made possible due to significant technology development that allowed more providers at a time to compete for the provision of digital services based on the same infrastructure. This development has lead to Danish households and companies having some of the lowest telephone and internet prices in the EU.

Price trend

During the last ten years, there has been a significant drop of the prices on mobile telephones and broadband.

Based on a consumption of 30 minutes and 300 SMS messages, the price of mobile telephones has dropped from DKK 75 to DKK 42 2006-2016. A 20/2 Mbit/s broadband connection with unlimited consumption has dropped from DKK 348 to DKK 219 from 2010-2016. Finally, a mobile broadband connection with a speed of at least 3000/384 kbit/s and at least 5 GB has dropped from DKK 149 to DKK 49 from 2009-2016.

Supervision of telecommunications

The supervision of telecommunications is managed jointly by the Danish Energy Agency and the Danish Business Authority.

The Danish Energy Agency supervises number resources, frequency assignments, auctions and the legislation on masts and excavation.

The Danish Business Authority manages tasks in relation to the sector-specific regulation on competition for the telecommunications market.