Here you will find political agreements and publications relating to climate, energy and utilities that are available in English. For a full list, please see the Danish website.

Danish Climate Agreement for Energy and Industry 2020

Energy Agreement


In June 2018, the Danish government signed an energy agreement with the unanimous support of all parties in the Danish parliament.

Read the Energy Agreement

Fact sheets on key initiatives

Read the Danish government's Energy Proposal

Status of the green transition


Denmark is internationally recognised as a leading pioneer in the fields of energy and climate. Through dedicated efforts over the past four decades, we have delivered impressive results.

Read "Denmark: energy and climate pioneer - Status of the green transition"

Energy Commission recommends an ambitious energy policy in Denmark


The government-appointed Energy Commission has presented its recommendations for an ambitious energy policy to the Danish government. The recommendations will be included in the process of defining policy for the next phase of Denmark’s green transition.

The Energy Commissions summary

Some proposals and agreements are only available in Danish.

For a full list see the Danish website