Multilateral energy collaboration

Denmark plays an active role in high-level multilateral energy discussions. Danish participation is focused on achieving cost-effective emission reductions and exchanging best practices regarding energy policies.

IEA - the International Energy Agency

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is one of the most influential institutions focused on global energy policy analysis and debate. IEA was founded in 1974 in response to the first major oil crisis that led to increased oil prices and shortages with global ramifications. Initially, the IEA focused on oil supply security, but following changes in the global energy agenda, the IEA has adopted its focus accordingly. 

Today, the organisation has a broader focus beyond oil security. The IEA stands as the most important intergovernmental forum for cooperation on energy systems and sources.

Energy markets are continuously assessed by the IEA with regards to the role of coal, oil, gas, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Danish experts play an active role in the planning of this work, focusing particularly on conditions concerning sustainable energy use and efficiency.

Denmark has been a member of the IEA since it was founded in 1974. The organisation has 30 member countries, all of which are members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Since the 1990s, the global economic order has changed immensely due to significant economic growth in several developing countries, including China. This signifies that membership of the IEA no longer represents the majority of the world's energy consumption and related economic and environmental challenges.

In part based on Danish recommendation, the IEA has begun to develop closer relations with important emerging economies including China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, South-Africa, Singapore, Thailand and Morocco as partner countries to the IEA.

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CEM – Clean Energy Ministerial

CEM was established in June 2010, and consists of the G20 countries and a series of green front-runners that together represent about 90 % of the total global investments in clean energy and account for 75 % of global CO2 emissions.

In addition to the annual ministerial summit for the Energy Ministers of the 26 member countries, the countries participate in a series of 14 different initiatives, which is the core of the exchange of 'best practice' within policies to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Denmark is in particular active in an investment initiative initiated by Denmark, co-led by Germany and with the IEA as secretariat. The purpose of the initiative is to increase the understanding of how framework conditions supplemented by initiatives to mobilise finance, reduce risks, and assist in project development altogether enables private investments in the energy transition. The investment initiative is based on active participation from financial institutions and the private sector.

In general Denmark aims to create thematic synergies between the work in CEM and the Danish bilateral cooperation with important emerging economies including China, Mexico, South-Africa and Indonesia - which are all members of CEM.

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IRENA – the International Renewable Energy Agency

IRENA is the only international organisation in the world that deals exclusively with the promotion of sustainable energy sources. IRENA focuses on knowledge sharing and promotes the business case for wind power, solar energy and hydraulic energy among its member states.


The organisation has developed rapidly since its founding in 2009 with Germany, Denmark and Spain as "founding fathers”. Today IRENA consists of 160 members and is comparable to established UN organisations in terms of number of members.


Within IRENA, Denmark is especially engaged in sharing knowledge about the Danish energy model and providing experience, expertise and leadership in the field of wind power energy, for instance scenario planning. Furthermore, the membership in IRENA also enables Denmark to gain insights into renewable energy developments in the rest of the world and to get inspiration and learn from other countries’ experiences with renewable energy.


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MI –Mission Innovation

Mission Innovation is an international research cooperation launched at the opening of the COP21 in Paris. The initiative focuses on the strengthening of research in clean energy technology to accelerate a sustainable energy transition. A key aim is to reduce costs by making the technologies cheaper and more widely accessible.

The countries participating in Mission Innovation are obliged to contribute a doubling of their investments in research within clean energy technologies in a five year period from 2015 to 2020. Mission Innovation is a platform for the leading countries in the world within the field of energy research, where members can work together and benefit from the exchange of experiences.

The Danish government has strengthened the energy research by allocating DKK 580 million from mainly the EUDP (Energiteknologisk Udviklings- and Demonstrationsprogram) to Mission Innovation towards 2020.

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